Turbo ECU Wiring

Pin-out diagram for 1G turbo ECU

Pin-out diagram for 1991 Hyundai Sonata ECU

The * on the Hyundai pin-out denotes the ONLY pin in the same place on both diagrams.

(Pin-out picture is looking into the ECU. Not at the front of the connectors that plug into it. Just like the picture below. Upper-left pin is #1)

Complete diagram of 1Gb Turbo DSM Engine Wiring Harness (1992-1994)

Location of the Hyundai Engine ECU

Original 1991 Hyundai Sonata ECU - has a 8-bit microprocessor

Turbo ECU from a 1993 5-speed AWD Eclipse - should also have a 8-bit microprocessor

1993 Eclipse GST Automatic wiring harness

Location of the stock Mitsubishi Automatic Transmission ECU

The Hyundai Sonata transmission ECU is made by Mitsubishi. This is not getting changed.

Disassembling the dash :(