Water Injection How To

Until I get the turbo installed, I'm just posting helpful links that I have found.

I am planning to try adapting a window washer pump to fit on a metal overflow tank. This would allow the tank to be pressurized and the pump should flow more than enough for the occational use at 10psi of boost and above.

Helpful Links

DIY Pages:

Yahoo Groups - Water Injection

H2O Injection Forum

Turbo Buick's Alcohol Injection Forum

* Steve Monroe's Alcohol Injection

* Ray Dorman's Build Your Own Water Injection System

* TurboMirage.com's Water Injection How-To

Joe's Water Injection Kits

RB Racing - RSR Turbo Water Injection

Mark Philip's Water Injection on an Eclipse

Bob Avellar's Alcohol Injection Systems

Dawes Devices Water Injection Info Page


Major Companies:

Aquamist UK

Alky Control Progressive Alcohol Injection

SMC Enterprises Alcohol Injection Kit

Shureflow pumps