Installing a Translab Shift Kit on a KM17x

The Dean Mason Translab Shift Kit

Dean Mason used to work at Dunrite and has fully researched this application.

(KM-17x) Pick up some Valve Body solenoid seals. The hyundai part #'s are:
46343-34010 for the small ones (takes 2 of these for a rebuild)
46342-34010 for the medium ones (one of these)
46341-34010 for the large ones(one of these)

This is the best how-to page:

Be sure to follow the Translab install instructions. These pages are more for supplying helpful pictures and notes to help you out.

Note: This transmission has ~85,000 miles and I drained as much of the fluid out of it as I could before performing this install. This can be a messy job.

Step 1 - Remove and clean the trans oil pan

There should be a few round magnets in the bottom of the pan. Mine had a decent amount of metal on them :( Apparently this is normal.

Remove and throw away the filter. Check it for metal pieces. I had more on here too :(

Here is the bottom of the transmission with the filter out and the valve body still installed

Clean up the pan and magnets (install new magnets if any are missing)

Much Cleaner. I am going to get the pan powder coated, so this is clean enough

I picked up the Translab TL-175 shift kit from Transtar Industries. Makco had sold out of them and Transtar also had affordable prices on the kit. Transtar had a local warehouse. IPT also has plenty of the High-Performance version in stock and provide helpful tech support for the install.

As you can see, the Hyundai KM17x and Mitsubishi F4Axx transmissions are basically the same as far as the shift kit is concerned.

The Translab kit cost me $24 and the four Borg Warner end clutch frictions cost $12

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Places to order Translab Shift Kit from:

Most helpful, informative, plus offers the high-performance version:

Import Performance Transmissions

Other Sources for the standard Translab kit:

Transtar Industries

Makco Distributing, Inc