End Clutch Repair for the KM17x Transmissions

The End Clutch (Overdrive) fails easily on these transmissions. A shift kit, new seals, and new friction material will help this. Most transmission supply companies have full End Clutch rebuild kits already available for a decent price. They include every seal that you need.

Import Performance Transmissions Performance End Clutch Rebuild kits

One of the seals requires a press to get replaced (the large End Clutch Piston Seal.) It CAN be done without a press, but it is a major pain. The main seal to replace is the small one with a metal case around it. These are known to fail and leak off pressure from the End Clutch. This in turn makes the clutches slip and burn the transmission fluid. The burnt fluid no longer lubricates properly and all of the other parts (including the valve body) wear out prematurely. When caught in time this is repairable. Otherwise, start looking for a new transmission.

Parts Required

Part Description Hyundai Part Number (if applicable) Price
Small End Clutch Seal Small oil seal that seals the end clutch to the oil pressure supply. (metal clad seal)    $2-4
Piston Seal The large oil seal that goes under the pressure plate and seals the entire piston (outer End Clutch Piston Seal) 45533-37020 $8.00
Ring "D" O-ring Pistion O-ring. (inner End Clutch Piston seal) 45532-37010 $1.72
End Clutch "Frictions" The loss of pressure is a bigger concern than the friction material in most cases. Replace them if you want/need. KM-175 transmissions need 3 and KM-177s need 4. Most transmission supply stores carry standard frictions. Plus OEM is another option. IPT carries performance friction options. I just went with Borg Warner frictions and am very happy with them.   $1.50+ each
End Clutch "Steels" The "steels" steel rings rarely need replacing. Inspect them and replace if necessary. They are usually replaced because they are warped. If yours are straight and look good, they do not need to be replaced. Again, KM-175 transmissions need 3 and KM-177s need 4. Most transmission supply stores will carry them. OEM is another option.   $1.50 each

Removing the End Clutch Cover

Clean around the End Clutch cover as much as possible to keep from getting dirt in the transmission. Also, drain the transmission fluid as much as possible before starting this process.

Remove these bolts

Remove the End Clutch Cover

There is the End Clutch

End Clutch Removed - Clean the cover seal mating surface

Replace End Clutch Cover Seal

The "C" clip in the center needs to be removed to replace piston seal (page 3)

Don't lose the bearing that is on the cover!

The small seal in the center is the most common failure point on these transmissions. It is usually referred to as the "metal clad' seal. Be sure to carefully remove the old one and insert the new one. Deforming this seal will put you back at square one. Put some petroleum jelly on it before the End Clutch is placed back into the transmission.

Fully clean everything while it is apart!

Page 1 - Removing the End Clutch

Page 2 - Disassembling the End Clutch

Page 3 - End Clutch Rebuild


Places to order End Clutch parts from:

Most helpful and informative

Import Performance Transmissions


Other Sources

Makco Distributing, Inc

Another option for transmission parts.


Trans Go

They offer a milder shift kit option


Alto USA

Give your local Alto Red Eagle distributor a call for the friction parts.

Just pick a region in the US.