Wiseco Forged Pistons & ARP hardware

Pistons and ARP studs/bolts arrived 4/26/2004. The Eagle connecting rods arrived 8/3/2004. I decided to order some Eagle rods because of the minor amount of $ compared to the rest of the rebuild. It is just not worth the risk that the stock rods will be strong enough. The Eagle rods are supposed to be good up to 700hp and the stock rods are good for 450hp. These are designed for the 6-bolt G4CS and 4G64 DOHC engines.

Wiseco 8.8:1 compression pistons (part # 6564M87/kit # K564M87)

87mm pistons with 21mm wrist pins

The pistons have anti-detonation groves above the top ring and a nice dished top for turbocharging. Piston skirts are moly coated to reduce wear.

All pistons have a part number and serial number engraved on the top.

Here is the hardware that I have gotten from Road Race Engineering so far.

All of the pistons have the weight in grams written on the bottom. They were within 1.4 grams from lightest to heaviest. The machine shop will make them all match when they balance everything.

Eagle rods

These are forged steel H-beam connecting rods. They come with ARP bolts. Rated to over 700hp.

(Part # 5900.MBA)

Some comparison pictures