Engine Mounts and Stronger Bolts

Here is a comparison between the stock roll-stop mount bolts and what size bolt actually fits in the mount. OEM is on the left.


Another comparison picture. The new bolt is a 3/4"x4" grade 8 bolt.


OEM bolt and filled (not really solid) engine mount. This is the front roll-stop mount. The engine mounts on the fenders do not need to be filled. Just the lower roll-stops.

The 3/4" bolt fits much tighter. No chance of movement here.

In order to run the larger bolts, you need to drill larger holes in the engine mount bracket that is on the block. Be careful to not drill too close to the edge or you will weaken the bracket and negate this mod. This also worked on my old 1995 Mirage. So I bet it will work for most Mitsubishis.