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The engine ECU interface for the 1st generation Mitsubishis is refered to as OBD-1 in most DSM crowds. I also have a 1996 Eclipse GST. So I have included both OBD-1 and OBD-2 resources here. I will add the OBD2 port diagram if I can find it.

I have decided to go with a Pocketlogger setup. There are links for pc datalogging, but most of this page is dedicated to the palm pilot datalogger.

The Mitsubishi and Hyundai OBD-1 Diagnostic Port (ALDL) Pin-out Diagrams

(Looking straight into the diagnostic port. The codes to the right are some of the connector numbers in the shop manual.)

1 - ECU Diagnosis Output
2 - Unused

3 - Unused

4 - Unused
5 - Cruise Control Diagnosis Output
6 - Transmission (TCU) Diagnosis Output
7 - Unused
8 - Unused
9 - Unused
10 - Diagnosis Control Signal (Diag On/Off)
11 - Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal
12 - Ground

Most Mitsubishi and Hyundai pre-OBD-2 cars use this port layout.


Palm Pilot m105 ($20 shipped from e-bay seller. Came with docking cradle)


Palm m105 specifications:

8mb of RAM


Backlit screen

Screen size: 160x160 pixles

IR Dataport

Palm OS v3.5

Weight: 6oz.

Battery type: 2 AAA's


Built-in Applications:

• Date Book

• Address Book

• Clock

• To Do List

• Memo Pad

• Calculator

• Notepad

• HotSync® technology for local and

remote synchronization with your PC


I have not purchased the interface cable (this is the most expensive part in most cases.) I will add more information when I make this move. For now, here are the most helpful links I have found for Import datalogging.


Data Logger Resources


TMO PC Datalogger



Unofficial MMCd Project Site

TunerStein Software

B2K Datalogger Interface

MMCD Palm Interface Info

E-Bay'r that is usually selling Palm interface cables

Facination Software's 1G Datalogging cable diagram

DB9 serial cable ends to make a pc cable to palm converter

Here is another great option that costs more. I have not heard any reviews of it compared to other piggyback systems. But it seems to be one of the best options. Especially once they get "knock-logging" added to it.

ECU+ Piggyback Engine Management and Datalogger