2.4 DOHC Conversion

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The Original Plan: Remove engine,line-bore the block, mill the deck flat, bore cylinders straight, and balance it. Shot-peen the stock connecting rods and replace the stock 8.7:1 pistons with forged 9:1 pistons. Get intake and exhaust valves high-temp coated and get head work done. Replace stock wiring harness with one from a 1993 turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse. Install a 1993 turbo AWD 5-speed ECU. Bolt on a turbo DOHC cylinder head and connect everything back up. Basically copying a turbo Eclipse configuration using the stock 2.4 Hyundai block. Including the knock sensor, DIS ignition, and all the emissions equipment.

Unfortunately, this project was not as simple as originally thought. Plus I have upgraded lots more than originally planned. Many of the upgrades were not required to get the car running.

Before we got started

4/5/2004 - Every electrical connection removed from engine

After disconnecting electrical and accessories

4/9/2004 - Drained coolant, fuel rail, and transmission

Drained fluids

Markings on the Block

Engine Block

4/15/2004 - Forgot the 32mm socket for axles.

Removed lots of other stuff instead

Strange "64" Marking on SOHC Cylinder Head

04/20/2004 - Removed the engine, transmission, and axles

05/03/2004 - Disassembled the engine

05/29/2004 - Painting & Cleaning parts

06/24/2004 - Machined Block & Head + Axles


07/2004 - No Progress


09/2004 - Removed Interior , Installed Freeze Plugs

and Painted Block

10/2004 - Just wasting time, no money for parts

- Painted More Parts

- Removed More Interior

11/2004 - Painted More Parts

12/2004 - Painted More Parts


1/2005 - Removed Wiring Harness and More Interior


7/2005 - I'm In Wiring Harness Hell :)


7/2006 - Finished The Hyundai Harness!


8/2006 - Head Porting and Final Parts Purchase


9/2006 - Wires, Wires, and More Wires