$15 PCV Catch Can

Close up of air/oil separator

Special thanks to Hyundai Performance for the original write up.

After the install, my engine was blowing enough oil through to fill the catch can every six weeks or so. Not terrible, but bad enough to mess up the idle. What you see in the picture is three days worth of driving (about 200 miles total.) For roughly $15 and a trip to Home Depot and the local auto parts store for the hose, I now have a cleaner intake and get better power. I plan to install another on the valve cover breather tube. Just not sure how well these will handle boost.

This is actually an air/water separator for an air-compressor. They cost around $12 and you just have to remove the small filter that it comes with (not sure if it can handle the heat, oil, and fuel fumes.)

The whole catch can setup

I don't have a permanent mounting location yet. Not really worth mounting until the DOHC head is on and the car is turbo'd. It works fine for now.