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Die-cut Stickers From Mirage Forums.net

All profits go toward printing the next batch of stickers and forum hosting fees.

Here are the three types of stickers that are currently available:

Available Stickers

Available Stickers

Available Stickers

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Pictures of 8" white 8" Type 1 and Type 2 stickers on 5th Generation Mirages

Picture of an 18" white Type 1 sticker on a rear window

Click here to view a short video on how to apply the stickers

How to apply the stickers

Don't like Paypal?

Send me a letter and money order stating what TYPE, SIZE, and COLOR sticker you want. Price is the same as above.

Don't forget to include your return address, e-mail address, and give me a week or two to check the P.O. Box and send the stickers.

If I ever run out of a sticker, I will contact you by e-mail regarding any delays.

Mitch Jones

P.O. Box 6245

Chandler, AZ 85246

Thank you for supporting the Mirage Forums!