Mitsubishi Mirage Suspension Mods


K-Sport Coilovers to replace the worn out stock suspension

K-Sport Coilover Box

K-Sport Coilover Box

These are the 5th generation model (1997-2002).

I want the extra upper mounting stud on the front struts.

Suspension is swappable between the 4th and 5th generation Mirages, with the exception of the 4g has two upper strut tower studs and the 5g has three. With some creative drilling, your 4g can also use three upper strut tower studs ;-)

Brand New K-Sport Coilovers! Front and Rear Mirage Coilovers

Rear Suspension

Rear 4g/5g Mirage Coilover Rear 4g/5g Mirage Coilover

Front Struts with sleeve removed

Front 5g Mirage Coilover Front 5g Mirage Coilover

5th Generation Front Strut Camber Plates

5g camber plate Side of 5g Mirage camber plate

FYI, 2002-06 Lancer rear anti-swaybars fit. You will need the stock swaybar mounting points or upgraded Lancer ones to attach them. See the forum for more information.