4G93 Mitsubishi Mirage Intake Upgrades


1G DSM NA Throttle Body

1G DSM NA Throttle Body with 1995 4g93 Mirage ISC and TPS mounted on it

Here is the How-to page for it: 1G DSM Throttle Body

1G DSM Throttle Body With 4g93 ISC & TPS 1G DSM Throttle Body With 4g93 ISC

1G DSM NA 60mm Throttle Body - Comparison of 60mm and 50mm

1G DSM Throttle Body With 4g93 ISC & TPS1G DSM NA vs. 4g Mirage 4g93 Throttle Body

Use an Impact Driver to Remove the ISC - Comparison of 4g63 TB to 4g93 ISC

4g93 vs. 4g63 ISC - 4g93 vs. 4g63 Throttle Body

(Look at how the coolant passage is different. Biggest problem)

Bored 4g93 Intake Manifold to match the 60mm DSM Throttle Body

(stock throttle body size is 50mm, stock intake manifold size on the right)

Stock 50mm 4g93 Throttle BodyStock 50mm hole in Intake Manifold

Jammed an old white t-shirt in the Intake Manifold, marked the 60mm area to open up and cleaned the metal shavings out while dragging the t-shirt back out. Look how much larger the openning is now!

Porting the 4g93 Intake Manifold for a 60mm Throttle Body4g93 Intake Manifold ported to 60mm

60mm Throttle Body Installed!