1995 Mirage LS 1.8 Exhaust

2.5" Cat-back Install link

Stock Exhaust Manifold and RPW Race Header

Stock 4g93 Exhaust Manifold 4g93 RPW Race Style Header

Areas to Improve the Stock 4g93 Exhaust Manifold

The RPW Header is Slightly Smaller Than Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Stock Exhaust Manifold Perfectly Matches the Exhaust Manifold Gasket

RPW Race Flex-Section is Huge Compared to Stock

2G DSM 4G63 Turbo Manifold Compared to 4G93

2G DSM turbo exhaust manifold comparison2G DSM turbo exhaust manifold comparison

My job now is to make it fit

4g93 exhaust gasket tracing on 2G DSM 4g63 turbo manifold


Stock engine with just a fart can muffler - Ported head, cam, only RPW headers for exhaust