1995 Mirage LS 4G93 1.8 Camshaft


Crower Camshaft

Cylinder Head Install Page 2

Crower Camshaft

Video With Stock Engine, Intake, Exhaust. Just a Muffler.

(6.4Mb .AVI)

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Video With Crower Cam, Ported Head, ARP Studs, RPW Header with just a stock cat

( 29.1Mb .AVI)

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Video - 2nd Gear Pull With All Mods Listed Above

(6.8MB .AVI)

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4th and 5th Gen 1.8 (4g93) cams compared

4g and 5g 1.8 cams compared

4G cam on the left and 5G cam on the right, threaded for the CAS

Slightly smaller cam lobes on the 5G (bottom cam) - Both cams are keyed in the same position

Crower Reground 1.8 4g93 SOHC Adjustable Tappet Camshaft

CrowerCrower E63845

Crower Regrind 63845