DSM W4A33 Transmission

From the Owners Manual:

To check the fluid level

The fluid level should be checked when the engine tempurature gauge indicates a normal warmed up condition and the fluid in the transaxle is heated to its normal operating tempurature. Operation with an improper fluid level will greatly reduce the life of the transaxle and of the fluid.

Procedure for checking the fluid level

  1. With the parking brake engaged and the engine idling, select each gear momentarily, ending with the selector lever in the "N" (Neutral) position.
  2. The fluid level should be at the FULL mark, but never above the FULL mark when the engine is at its normal warmed up condition. Add or drain as necessary to bring the fluid to this prescribed level.
  3. Make certain that the dipstick cap is reseated properly to prevent dirt and water from entering the transaxle after checking or replenishing the fluid.

Fluid Recommendation: Diamond ATF SP or equivalent

Personal experience

The wire transmission dipstick on this 1998 GSX can be really hard to read the first time. I did not check the fluid level before changing the fluid. So I had no reference. I first put 4 quarts in and started the car. Ran it through the gears and checked the level. The problem with this is that the dipstick gets residual fluid from the dipstick tube after running a bunch of fluid down it. Also, make SURE to use Neutral for checking the level. Park read 3 quarts over-full for me... So, I can't tell if the fluid I'm seeing is showing a level in the pan or just picked up from the tubing. Eventually I filled it enough to see a drip on the end of the dip stick. Cool! So I filled it a little more and checked it again. Getting closer. Finished off the quart and it checked perfect.

Moral: check for a drip on the end of the dipstick when refilling. Not just ATF residue on it.


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