Lightweight Subwoofer Box

After using 3/4" MDF for most of my previous speaker boxes, I decided it was time to try making a light weight one. If sufficiently braced, a lighter box can work as well as a heavier non-braced box. I went with 1/2" MDF. All screw holes had to be pre-drilled and the final product had bracing just about everywhere. At first, the box had a little too much air-space and adding more bracing fixed it with minimal weight.

Using fiberglass, you could make an even lighter box. But with much more effort and money involved. I hope you enjoy this entertaining project.

Here is how the box looked while test fitting the major braces and walls

In the middle of gluing the box together

After gluing - before additional bracing (don't fear the square port design - it works)

Adding glue where it was missed and small block braces in the corners and edges

Small Hifonics Atlas [email protected] amp from 1990 - old school baby! It is 18" long

MTX 10" Black Gold subwoofer

Decided to not get fancy - Just painted with grey spray paint

Here is some of the final bracing - Next is to pick a lighter amplifier that works as well as the Hifonics

Box, single 10" subwoofer, and a smaller amp ended up at 34 lbs!