Power Antenna Removal

I bent the stock power antenna mast going through an automatic car wash. Never liked the thing much anyways. It looked decent bent back, but decided it was time to fix the thing. I had two options.

Option #1 - Replace the mast and keep the power antenna

Option #2 - Replace the entire antenna

Since I always hated the way the power antenna looked and always worried it would get bent sooner or later, I chose option #2.

I looked around for a used non-turbo solid mast antenna. Didn't like the look 100% and when a deal fell through I decided to look for something else.

Here is the 44-UA20. A "amplified electronic AM/FM mastless" antenna.

Purchased from http://www.installer.com/antenna/ant.html for $35.

This is the description for their website:

High gain "Hide-away" amplified antenna for AM/FM bands. Active magnetic-type
antenna, working on the magnetic field associated with a conductor excited by
a microwave. Voltage pickup is Nanovolts, but with the magnetic typecircuitry
it extracts a signal with a superior signal-to-noise ratio.


The main black rectangle is the powered antenna. It has an adhesive tape strip on the back to stick it anywhere you want. You just plug the antenna connector into where the stock antenna plugged in and plug the small positive wire up to the power antenna connector. It turns on and off with the stereo. Practically done with the installation!

Remove the interior panels to get to the antenna wiring. Here are the connectors you are looking for.

Just tuck the antenna in different parts of the car and drive around for a few days. When you find the location with the best reception, pull the cover off the adhesive strip and stick the antenna there.

Almost done!

What about this quarter sized hole that i now have in the fender?

Either get an antenna hole plug from you local stereo shop or have a body shop shave it for you (weld over the hole and repaint the fender.)

I have found that the reception is roughly 90% as good as having the large mast antenna. The body lines flow so much better without the antenna there and I never have to worry about driving under anything unless it is going to hit the car! Hope you found this information useful.