Turbo DSM Spark Plug Info

Stock NGK spark plugs

1G (1990-1994): BPR6ES [part/stock# 7131] (gap .032")

2G (1995-1999): BPR6EKN [part/stock# 1128] (gap .032")



Stock Heat Range NGK's (stock turbo up to 15psi)

BPR6ES [part/stock# 7131] (gap .030")


One Heat Range Colder NGK's (250whp-500whp)

BPR7ES [part/stock# 2023] (gap .028")

Other applications: 1985 Audi Quatro (2.2 I5)

1989 Porsche 944 S2 (3.0 I4)


Two Heat Range Colder NGK's (500whp+)

BPR8ES [part/stock# 3923] (gap .028 or whatever works)

Other applications: 1990 Maserati 430 (2.8 V6)

Some additional info for you.

Got a SOHC 2.4 (4g64)? Turbocharging it? Here are your spark plugs. Just change the "BPR" to "BKR". Example:

SOHC head: BKR7E
DOHC head: BPR7E



Supposedly NAPA had good bulk prices on plugs