The Intake

10-06-2004 - Stock except for the BCS restrictor being removed

10/09/2004- 1G BOV, hard upper-intercooler piping, and trimmed BOV recirculation pipe. The Boost Control Solenoid restrictor had already been removed. It is reading 10psi with a quick spick to 11psi.

1G Blow Off Valve on steel Upper Intercooler Piping

Ends flared using a pair of pliers. Free and works.

10/17/2004 - Cheap OBX intake

11/01/2005 - Hard Lower Intercooler Piping

I ordered some 2.25" mandrel bent piping, silicone coupler tubing, and t-bolts

The original Lower Intercooler Hose

The new Hard Lower Intercooler Piping and T-bolts

I used the 180 bend, cut it in half and made this "S" out of it.

T-bolts for 2.25" piping purchased from

T-bolt specs: Standard T-Bolt Clamp
Effective Diameter Range: 2.25''-2.56'' (57.2mm-65.1mm)
3/4'' (19mm) 300 Series Stainless Steel Band
Plated Carbon Steel Bolt

6-2006 FMIC Install With 2.5" Piping


Bumper off

Picture of the lower intercooler mounts

Intercooler installed and finally fits!

Bumper on. It FINALLY fits!


Affordable Mandrel U-bends

Cheap Plated T-bolt Clamps

Affordable Silicone Adapters and T-bolt Clamps