Exhaust Modifications

Lightly Ported Stock O2 Sensor Housing (both 2G O2 housings)

 Notice how much smoother the wastegate side blends now.

Exit is now 2.25", stock was somewhere around 1.9"

3" Downpipe Install

Bought from e-bay seller EZplus2003 http://motors.search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZezplus2003

Stock vs. cheap ebay 3" downpipe (stainless steel and tig welded)

Stock piping in picture weighed 22#

3" downpipe in picture weighed 11#

Comparison picture of O2 housing side. It looks like the 3" is higher, but it is only 1/4" above the stock pipe.

Cat-back mount side comparison. The cheap e-bay downpipe has the flange welded on wrong :(

Made by Edge Racing Sport??

Starts @ 2.75" and goes immediately to 3"

Stock downpipe and clearances

Stock downpipe off and picture of the downpipe bracket that needs to be removed

Attempt to show clearance for downpipe support bracket and the oil filter

Removed stock downpipe bracket from engine block

Bolted on and oil filter clearance.

I had to grind the slotted bolt holes right up to the 3" piping and lightly dent in the pipe so the O2 nuts would barely fit and tighten. Once that was done, everything fit. It looked hopeless at first.

Oilpan and Transfercase Clearance

Temporarily ziptied the 2nd O2 out of the way until the cat-back is made

Relocated the grounding wire and used a regular nut/bolt to mount it to the exhaust hanger.

This is how I was planning to have my exhaust made. This is a 3.5" exhaust system on a 2G DSM AWD. The concept is that any piping angle change that is less than 15 degrees has very practically no affect on the exhaust velocity. You also get to see how a 3.5" exhaust system fits on a 2G. Not too bad. Here is the owners website: