2G/1998 Eclipse GSX Datalogs

2g DSM ECU pinout diagram (partial)

5/6/2005 - bought an OBD2 Pocketlogger!

First log is cruising @ 75mph on the freeway

Second log is cruising @ 85mph on the freeway

Third log is a downshift to 1st, then a shift to second up to 6k

Forth is a 2nd gear pull to 6k, starting low on TPS to not downshift

Around 76F degrees outside. All runs with 91 octane fuel.

The car has always had an acceleration stutter when warm. Even at stock boost with some small boost leaks. At first I suspected the slipping transmission, but have always wondered if it was a knock issue. The dips to 2 degrees of ignition advance seem to explain it. Keep in mind this is an automatic and the stock ECU supposedly pulls some timing during shifts.

Car: AWD-automatic, stock T25 turbo (replaced 10,000 miles ago), stock exhaust, 3G lifters, cone air filter, Dejon Tools MBC set at 15psi, 1G BOV, NGK BPR7ES plugs gapped to .028", new NGK sparkplug wires, and Translab shift kit. Recently tested for boost leaks.

5/7/2005 - Cooler Engine and idle-6k in 2nd Tests

First log is a 0mph to 6k in 2nd run, no powerbraking

Second log is an uphill test - 0mph to 3rd shift, no powerbraking

Third log is a 0mph to 6k in 2nd run, with powerbraking on launch

For these three runs, I let the car cool off for three hours after the last test runs. It was about 68F degrees outside. You can see in the logs that it is starting to run hotter in the third run.

5-9-2005 - Longer Logs + more variety in what is logged

First is an idle test with the throttle cable adjusted so TPS is ~2% and engine load is logged

(is engine load supposed to be in the 20% range at idle? How is it generated?)

Second is a quick WOT pull with engine load logging

Third shows engine load going to 100% when TPS goes over 60%

Fourth is a long log of 4th gear and a quick shift to 3rd with engine load logged

Fifth is a LONG log of 4th gear 75mph cruise (just RPM, Timing, Airflow, and TPS)

Sixth is a log of 4th gear with 50% TPS for a few seconds (just RPM, Timing, Airflow, and TPS)

5-12-2005 - Some progress!

Performed a combustion chamber cleaning and fuel system cleaning. This made a HUGE difference on my 2G. We also verified that the timing belt was aligned properly and tested the spark plug wires. Next step is a throttle body cleaning, new OEM spark plug wires, and a fuel pump rewire. You can see that the O2's start good and drop lower at the end. Timing is also low, but the car feels much better.

First is a 1st to 3rd gear simple log

Second is a 1st to 3rd gear log with most of the logging options selected

Third is a 1st to 2nd gear power braked launch @ ~2,300 RPM

9-12-2005 - Huge Improvement

After a few horrible runs at the local dragstrip, I determined that something was majorly wrong. I borrowed the neighbor's air-compressor and used my improved boost leak tester to hunt down boost leaks. Found that all four of the fuel injector seals (cylinder head side) were leaking. They were leaking at anything over 1psi and at 15+psi they were leaking aroud 7psi. Bad stuff. This is the first log after fixing the leak.

0-90mph boost leaks fixed @15psi

2006 - I have had Phantom Knock this whole time.

Tired motor and I still need to check the knock sensor. Next on the list.