2G DSM Cooling System

7/01/2005 - GSX started running hot on the freeway when the AC was on (215-219F while cruising @70mph)

Replaced radiator cap with an EVO 8 1.1 bar (16#) cap. Mitsubishi part# MR481252

Stock radiator cap (.9bar) part # MB660735 (cheap 1.1 bar aftermarket cap in pictures)

Replaced thermostat. 180F (82C) OEM thermostat. Mitsubishi part# MD315301

Ran water backwards through the radiator to clear out as much sand and crap as possible.

Power Steering Cooler to install in Driver's side of bumper ($40)

Not the best position, but it was the easiest and did not require mounting brackets

This allowed me to get rid of the OEM power steering loop in front of the radiator

February 2006 - Replaced radiator and radiator hoses

2G DSM Samco Silicone Radiator Hoses

Ordered from: BoostController.com


Installed with 1.75" T-bolt clamps from www.partssystems.com

T-bolt specs: Standard T-Bolt Clamp
Effective Diameter Range: 1.63''-1.88'' (41.3mm-47.6mm)
3/4'' (19mm) 300 Series Stainless Steel Band
Plated Carbon Steel Bolt

Metal replacement radiator ordered from: Radiatorbarn.com


Installed. Probably overkill, but installed for roughly $220 total. Radiator, hoses, t-bolts, and coolant.