Removing the Third Brake Light

As you can see from the first picture the 3rd brake light and its reflection block most of the useful area of the back window. During normal driving you will rarely see something above the rear spoiler.

Before you say, "it is there for a reason..." I realize this. If I can find a decent, affordable way to set up an LED 3rd brake light on the top of the rear window, I will. Until then, I would prefer to be able to see out the back window.

Push in on the middle to release these clips and remove them

There is the bracket. Time to remove the hatch cover. There is a hook that needs to be unscrewed and the rest is held in place by metal clips. Gently pry the cover from the rear hatch.

Unplug the brake light wire and lightly twist it around the rear window wiper wiring to keep it from rubbing on anything. Then unbolt the 3rd brake light mount. Next, remove any of the metal clips from the rear hatch and place them on the plastic rear hatch cover. It clips back together easier this way.

Screw the plastic hook back into place and clean the rear window. You are now ready to jump in and check out the improved view

Much clearer rear view. It would be nice to cover up the painted area left. Find a creative way to cover it up if it bothers you.