1998 Eclipse GSX Auto

White 2G DSM. Turbocharged 2.0 liter DOHC 4 cylinder engine with All-wheel-drive

Took ownership 10/06/2004 @ 100,300 miles
Completely stock except for the rims and tint.

Original pictures:

Major news

10/13/2004 - 1G BOV and hard upper-intercooler piping

10/17/2004 - Installed the Translab shift kit, end clutch rebuilt, and cheap intake

12/01/2004 - Installed Dejon Tools Manual Boost Controller, set at 15psi.

02/18/2005 - Built a Boost Leak Tester. Repaired the throttle body related ones.

05/06/2005 - Bought a 2G/OBD2 Pocketlogger system.

6/20/2005 - Crank Pulley separated @ 120,000 miles

7/01/2005 - 1.1bar EVO 8 radiator cap installed

7/01/2005 - OEM 180F thermostat installed and new water/coolant

09/10/2005 - Built a better Boost Leak Tester. Repaired fuel injector seals leaking 7psi.

10/01/2005 - Dual gauge instrument cluster bezel and Autometer boost gauge

12/02/2005 - Installed a cheap stainless steel 3" downpipe

2/2006 - Installed a metal radiator and Samco silicone radiator hoses

6-2006 - Installed FMIC, 2.5" piping, EVO O2 housing, and Frank 3 turbo

3-2007 - Replaced leaking turbo drain line with a Forced Performance one


Performance Modifications

Racing Results (1/4 mile times)

Datalogs - OBD2 Pocketlogger

Automatic Transmission Info

Exhaust Mods

Boost Leaks & How to Fix

Light Bulb Types for the 2G Eclipse (1995-1999)

DSM Spark Plug Info

3rd Brake Light Removal

Power Antenna Removal

Lightweight Subwoofer

Turbo Intake Info

Cheaper 16G upgrade

Cooling System

Pro Street Online's list of DSM part weights

How To: TPS Test/Adjustment.pdf

Highly recommended: UMS Tuning in Tempe, Arizona

Other recommended shops:

Road Race Engineering (California)

Forced Performance (Texas)

Buschur Racing (Ohio)

Mach V Motorsports (Virginia)

Magnus Motorsports (Ontario, Canada)

Good Prices on tires:

Edge Racing

Online OEM parts:

JNZ Tuning (best prices and support)

Parts for Mitsubishi (Online OEM parts. Ok selection)


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