Turbocharging Info

This page is for keeping track of helpful turbo related information. Once I turbocharge the G4CS 2.4, I will have much more information and pictures for this page.


Recommended NGK spark plug part numbers and gapping info
bpr6es is stock.
bpr7es is 1 range colder.
Gapping: Start at .028" and go down as needed.

I know that the T25 will be too small for this engine. But I have a brand new one and am considering using it for log enough to get a dyno run for future comparison. Long term, I will probably be using a T3T4 50 trim since so many people have been recommending it. I have also heard good things about the 60 trim. I will be talking to a turbo shop first before making this step. Plus the engine will be nice and broken in before it is turbo'd. I am hoping that this will help the longevity of this engine.