How to make Phenolic/Teflon Gaskets

  You will have to make your own Phenolic Spacer. They are usually only available for the typical domestics and Hondas..

I have used this in the past: " .125" x 12" x 24" Teflon(r) Virgin Grade Skived Sheet "

It insulates very well and has an operating range of -400 to 500F. Low heat expansion, easy to cut, soft enough that it will seal well between two surfaces. I used a ball point pen to indent/trace the gasket (intake manifold, throttle body, etc.gaskets) into the Teflon, a drill, small project hack saw, and a razor blade to smooth out the cuts.

Here is some info on different options

Standard Phenolics:

Good example of standard pricing for Teflon (choose "Industrial Plastics - Sheet, Plate"):

Try an EBay search for Phenolics to see if there are any deals on there.

Hope this helps ya. I have been using a 10" Coping Saw and Drill to get the rough design and a thin project razor blad to smooth out the cuts and perfectly size the phenolic gasket. If you have access to a water jet cutter, that would be the best method.

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